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Official Events


Prep Steps


  1. Phone call with Bottle Bash team- To become an Official Team Lead and host a Bottle Bash Official Event, you’ll need to have a phone call interview with the Bottle Bash Team. On the call, you’ll discuss venue location, guest invites, event date, and the number of teams you’re hoping for. Once Bottle Bash gives you the green light, you will be added to our Bottle Bash Official Events map.
  2. Location scouting- Head to the location discussed and see if there are any requirements for a permit. If so, secure the permit for the date of the event.
  3. Volunteers- Get a few trustworthy friends who are willing to help you throughout the day to make your event a success.


Time to Launch


  1. Word of Mouth- We have learned that Bottle Bash is best shared friend to friend. Make sure to tell all your friends and family about the event you’re hosting and get them excited!
  2. Incentivize Pre-registration- Offer pre-registration for any team interested in joining your event. Any team that pre-registers will receive extra Bottle Bash swag and a 50% discount on the cost of playing in regionals!
  3. Social Media- Share on your social platforms to increase awareness about your event! Utilize the social sharing resources that the Bottle Bash team has provided for you.


T-3 weeks


  1. Confirm details- It’s almost time for your event so it’s important to make sure there are no hiccups the day of. Double check your venue is secure, your volunteers are on board, and send out an email to pre-registered teams getting them excited for the event.
  2. Checklist- Take a look at the event checklist provided and purchase any items you may be missing (ie- snacks, water, etc).
  3. Stay social- Make sure to continue to post the event form provided on your social platforms!
  4. BB Team- Check in with the Bottle Bash team if there is anything last minute that you may need to make your event a success!


T-1 week


  1. Visit the venue- Go check out the space you’ll be hosting your event on. Make sure there are no surprises when it comes to your location.
  2. Game Play- Now that you have pre-registered teams and a better idea of the turnout, print off your game play sheets to keep your teams organized during your event.
  3. Checklist- Double check everything on your checklist is ready to go!


Event Day


  1. Get there early! Give yourself enough time to set up and get everything ready for the day.
  2. Set up- Grab your game sets and set up your two game stations (round robin and free play) so that everyone has a chance to participate.
  3. Check in- Assign a volunteer to check in all pre-registered teams as they come in. As the team lead, make sure to give opening announcements about the format of the day, bathrooms, rule clarification, and make sure to announce that day of registration is available!
  4. Clean up- Announce the winners, thank everyone for coming and make sure to clean up and leave the venue as you found it.
  5. BB Team- Give the Bottle Bash team a call and let us know how your event went!
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