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How It All Started

Outdoor games have been fostering social interaction and family togetherness for thousands of years in the backyard, at the beach, camping, and tailgating on game day or before a concert.  Hundreds or even thousands of years ago you might ask?  Well history buffs claim the first incarnations of ladder ball can be traced back thousands of years.  Perhaps you might know this backyard game favorite as ladder golf, blongo ball, hillbilly horseshoes, polish horseshoes, or ladder toss.  In the 1300s, both croquet and cornhole were born and destined for generations of lawn game fun.  Cornhole may not be a familiar name to all, but the game is commonly referred to as bean bag toss, baggo, or bags that originated simply with bags being filled with corn which were then tossed into holes to pass time on the farm.

The enjoyment of just getting outside to be both physically and mentally stimulated continued to grow with the invention of horseshoes in the early 1900s spawning horseshoe pitching contests from annual field days, to local contests, to the ever popular backyard barbecue.   During the same time period bocce ball was born and soon became a worldwide lawn game favorite alongside croquet.  Technology moved quickly and along came the flying disc, or Frisbee as Wham-o so trademarked this recreational favorite in the mid 1900s.  Quickly, many disc toss games grew out of the flying saucer craze such as disc golf, ultimate, freestyle, polish horseshoes, and bottle bash.   Not familiar with Bottle Bash yet?  Well you may know this new game that is providing excitement for players of all ages as polish horseshoes, poles, frisknock, flimsee, beersbee, frickets, or poleish horseshoes.

The early 2000s brought on the proliferation of game kits for cornhole, ladder ball, and washer toss.  The excitement left players and store owners wanting more, something new and fun.  In turn, Bottle Bash was created by Poleish Sports to start a new craze in the outdoor and indoor tossing game market.  Poleish Sports manufactures the first and only high quality, all inclusive game kit on the market today available online and retail stores nationwide.    Come on grab a game, get outside, and be aware this game is totally fun to play no matter where you are.

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