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Independent Events



Prep Steps


  1. Contact with Bottle Bash Team- To host an independent event, first you’ll want to connect with a Bottle Bash Team member to talk details about the event you’re planning. become an Official Team Lead and host a Bottle Bash Official Event, you’ll need to have a phone call interview with the Bottle Bash Team. On the call, you’ll discuss location, guest invites, event date, and the number of people you’re hoping will attend. Once Bottle Bash gives you the green light, you will be added to our Bottle Bash Independent Events map (don’t worry- these events are still private to your invitees!)



Time to Launch


  1. Invitee Contacts- We want to support and sponsor your independent event with game sets and Bottle Bash swag, but first we just need a list of contact names and email addresses for all people you’re hoping will attend. This will give us an idea of what to send you, and also allows us to spread the word about Bottle Bash!
  2. Social Media- Share on your social platforms that you’re hosting a private, independent event! Make sure to utilize the social sharing resources that the Bottle Bash team has provided for you.



Event Day


  1. Get there early! Give yourself enough time to set up and get everything ready for the day.
  2. Set up- Grab your game sets and set up your game stations (round robin and/or free play) so that everyone has a chance to participate.
  3. BB Team- Give the Bottle Bash team a call and let us know how your independent event went! We would love to see photos as well!
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